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Dear Parents,


What an exciting year the students of Arroyo del Oso Elementary are going to have. The time has come again for ADO students to start a new year of Fine Arts instruction.  As your student’s Visual Fine Arts teacher I am very excited to bring an artist’s approach to learning.


Your child’s class will come to Portable 10 for visual arts instruction throughout the school year.  I promise to greet your child with the expectation that their fine arts time is important. I promise to make your child’s day an intellectually and artistically stimulating one.  Please ask questions about their art class and encourage your child to participate fully in schoolwork, school fun, and artistic fun. 


Children learn what they live. When caring and attentive adults who take an interest in their education surround your children, they will surely join us to help make this the best school year yet.


I look forward to a rewarding partnership with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to stop by and see me.  You may also leave a message for me in the school office, (505) 821-9393.




Leslie Lazaga, Elementary Art Educator 

Lazaga, Leslie
Art Teacher