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Ten Points of Crosswalk Safety





1.    The posted speed limit is 15 MPH when the school zone is in operation, but care
and safety should be practiced at all times when near a school.
2.    Passing is prohibited in the school zone.
3.    Backing up is a very hazardous maneuver at any time, but especially in a school
zone. Use extreme care when backing out of a parking space when in the school
parking lot.
4.    Do not discharge students in the traffic lanes. Do pull to the curb, and allow the
children out on the curb side of the vehicle; not on the traffic side. You may wish
to allow the children out in the parking lot or other designated area.
5.    Avoid making “U” turns. Often “U” turns require backing-up, which is
dangerous. Perhaps seeking an alternate route that allows you to arrive on the
school side of the street could be found. If this proves inconvenient, please
discharge students near the designated crosswalk.
6.    For Safety, please Do Not set a bad example. Do not cross yourself or your
children at other than the designated crosswalks. Do not park in red or yellow
no-parking zones, fire lanes, bus stops or block driveways.




1.    Use the sidewalks coming to school, and when returning home. Do not walk in
the street. The streets are for vehicles, and sidewalks are for pedestrians. For
your safety, please stay on the sidewalks.
2.    Cross streets only at intersections. Preferably, cross those marked with
crosswalks. When in the school zone, you should cross at a designated school
crosswalk where there is a crossing guard. Follow the directions of your crossing
guard. Do not cross until instructed to do so. Because the crossing guard steps
into the street, doe not mean it is safe for you to do so.
3.    If you must cross the street when leaving a vehicle, or when after school you
must cross to get to your ride, please cross only at the crosswalk.
4.    Walk while in crosswalks. Do not run, ride bicycles, roller skate, roller blade or
skateboard in crosswalks.



Please feel free to communicate with your crossing guards. They are there to serve the
students, parents and school staff. Crossing guards are charged with the safety of the
children in their assigned crosswalks, as well as the entire school zone. It is not their
desire to harass parents or others within the school zone, but to assure the safety of the
students. Please be advised, the Albuquerque Police Department does monitor school
zones, and will cite violators. Your cooperation is, and will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you - APD School Safety Unit


Revised 08/2015